Top 10 Resume Mistakes – Why you are not getting a call back.

Top Resume Mistakes – Why you are not getting a callback.

There are so many mistakes people make when writing a resume.  Some of these mistakes are obvious, and some are a little less known.  We are going to start with the most simple errors that could keep you from receiving a call from hiring managers.

Spelling and Grammar

First, this may seem like an obvious one, but spelling and grammatical errors are a huge reason why someone may not get an interview.  It’s also a straightforward one to avoid with all the technology available today. You can utilize spell checker before you save your resume and make sure everything is correct.  Make sure your tenses are correct.  Your current job should be in present tense and all past positions in past-tense.

Grammar programs will assist you in avoiding these issues; the most popular grammar tool that I use daily is Grammarly.  This tool fixes spelling and grammatical errors all at once.  It also gives you a report each week to show you where your most common mistakes are and how to improve.  I love to see where I’ve developed over time. They do offer free and paid options depending on how frequently you need to use this type of tool.

Layout & Uniformity

Second, uniformity within a design.  Use the same font throughout the resume, do not mix fonts or sizes (except the header where you can maybe do a larger or different font on the name only). Keep the alignment to left alignment; do not center your resume.  Keep your job location, dates and details in regular font and make your job title in bold type font, this allows employers to quickly scan your resume for job history and experience before digging into more in-depth details.

Third, include as much detail as you can regarding your experience with each job.  Include details under each position; don’t generalize your experience at the top or bottom and then list your jobs.  While it seems like a small issue, a hiring manager can’t see how many years of experience you have if you generalize your expertise instead of including it below each job.

Do not put your job duties in a paragraph form, instead put each job duty in a bullet point.  The reason this is a better option is again; it allows an employer to scan your resume for the experience quickly.

Make Resume Scannable

Why is the ability to scan a resume so important?  Hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes a day for each job they have posted.  To move quickly, they don’t’ have time to read long winded overly detailed resume’s.  So keep it detailed but brief and use bullet points under each job.

Referring back to the past and present tenses from grammar and spelling section, the uniformity of this needs to be present. What this means is that if you say Worked or Working – you need to pick one of those forms and use it throughout the resume.  Also, if you use a period at the end of one sentence, it should be at the end of every sentence and vice versa. Using a period or leaving it out, either is correct, pick one and stick to that throughout the document.

Here is an example of what this would look.
Example 1:
  • Called and verified appointments with customers.
  • Filed and scanned documents into the computer database.
Example 2:
  • Responsible for calling and verifying appointments with customers
  • Responsible for filing and scanning all documents into the computer database

Tailor Resume for the Job

When you are applying for an ICU Nurse position, make sure your resume highlights this experience on your resume.  If you don’t have this experience, double check the job post and see what the requirements are for the role.  When it says two or more years of ICU experience, and you don’t have this, don’t apply for the job.  Should the post say two or more years of nursing experience but doesn’ t specify a specialty; consider all experience relevant, but they will find a candidate with exact experience before others.  Being specific on your resume is why making sure your experience matches the job that you are applying too, have multiple versions of your resume to send to various employment, especially if your experience is universal.

Another reason this is important, a lot of companies now are using Automated Systems for resume sorting.  Automation means a computer is trained to scan your resume for keywords quickly. Ensure you include these keywords, or you won’t even make it to the hiring manager for review. Lack of keywording is the number one reason for not getting a call from an employer after applying.

Job Tenure

Job tenure is a big one.  Employers do not like job hoppers.  It costs employers a ton of money to onboard and train new hire’s.  They want to invest in employee’s that see value in their company and want to stay long term.  It show’s loyalty, reliability, and responsibility when someone exhibits stable job tenure.  Job tenure should be three to five years at each of your positions. If you leave a position before this time without good reason, such as a layoff or relocation, you could be setting yourself up for long term career failure.

Check your resume here for Free to see what you need to improve. 

If you make it past all these hurdle’s and get a call from a hiring manager?  Now you need to prepare for the interview.  Check out Interview Pointers as well as Most Commonly asked Interview Question.

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Below are Microsoft Templates are good examples to use.

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